Education for Children, Youth and Families

Parenting Education

Instilling good parenting techniques early in a child’s life significantly improve parenting skills for the remainder of this child’s & his/her sibling’s lives.  A Great Start is an eight-week series for parents & caregivers of children prenatal to five years old.  In addition to instruction in best practices, participants receive dinner, childcare, & helpful gifts.

Parent Power

The overall goal is to increase the literacy skills of both children and parents so that they can achieve greater success in school and in the workplace.

Parent Power meets at Emmaus House for eight Thursdays in the fall and spring. Volunteers provide supper for children and adults prior to each session. While parents attend the Parent Power program, their children read or work on homework with volunteers from The Road Episcopal Service Corp.

If you would like to purchase a children’s book for Parent Power, or for our summer Freedom Schools (c) program, please go to the Emmaus House wish list on For more information about Parent Power contact Ann Fowler, director of education services at Emmaus House, at 404-525-5948 ext. 27or

Community Supper

Emmaus House believes it is crucial to bring community members together.  Each month Emmaus House holds a dinner where approximately 200 parents & youth engage one another over a delicious & nutritious meal.

Camp Summer Hope

Camp Summer Hope at Emmaus House is now the site of a Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools® program. This program provides an opportunity for Emmaus House to impact the educational achievement of Atlanta neighborhood children in measurable ways by focusing on reading and social action. In 2015, Camp Summer Hope serves 70 children, kindergarten through 7th grade, for six weeks on the campuses of Emmaus House and The Study Hall. The camp concludes with a four-night stay at Camp Mikell in the North Georgia Mountains. Camp Summer Hope offers many opportunities for learning, fun, and creative expression.

Arts Education

Art improves academic performance, confidence, & creativity.  During the school year, over 45 children and volunteers participate in classes on Saturdays in woodturning, woodworking, pottery, jewelry making, crafts, and painting.  During the summer, we offer an intensive 6-week Middle School Summer Arts camp


Summers Away

Summers Away is a partnership with residential camps in New England.  This camp is an opportunity for students to enhance leadership skills & self-confidence through outdoor activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, horseback riding, & hiking.