Parenting Education

Instilling good parenting techniques early in a child’s life significantly improve parenting skills for the remainder of this child’s & his/her sibling’s lives.  A Great Start is an eight-week series for parents & caregivers of children prenatal to five years old.  In addition to instruction in best practices, participants receive dinner, childcare, & helpful gifts.

Job Placement

Economic independence is always our goal at Emmaus House.  Volunteers who know firsthand the reputation of job seekers & potential employers offer job search assistance.  Last year, these volunteers helped 125 people find employment.

Community Supper

Emmaus House believes it is crucial to bring community members together.  Each month Emmaus House holds a dinner where approximately 200 parents & youth engage one another over a delicious & nutritious meal.

ID Assistance

Government identification is required for life necessities including obtaining a job, opening a bank account, cashing a check, & signing a residential lease.  Emmaus House helps a qualified individual with an identification application & provides a subsidy for the ID fee.  Last year, 1,919 individuals received IDs through this effort.

Food Pantry

Access to food is a basic human right.  A link between increased nutrition and increased productivity exists at work & school.  Emmaus House offers groceries for qualifying individuals & families.  Last year, 469 households received nourishing food.

Household Needs

Emmaus House fills a gap in the Peoplestown community, by providing an array of household necessities.  Services for qualifying individuals include everything from a temporary address to receive mail, rent & utility assistance, furniture, nearly new children’s clothing, low cost phones & MARTA cards.  Last year, we served 951 people.

Government Application Assistance

Economic independence sometimes is not possible.  Emmaus House determines if a client can benefit from government assistance, & if so, a skilled volunteer assists in the application process.  Last year, 68 people completed applications.

Healthcare Referrals

As part of a larger philanthropic ecosystem, Emmaus House refers a client to partner agencies who provide exams, glasses, prescriptions or dental work are available for the uninsured at no cost.  Last year, we referred 250 individuals for needed services.

Reidsville Prison Visit

Forty-three percent of individuals released from Georgia prisons are back in jail just 3-years later.  Maintaining family ties can assist in reducing recidivism rates.  To this end, Emmaus House provides monthly transportation to relatives of individuals incarcerated in the Reidsville Prison near Savannah.  Both relatives & the incarcerated also receive fellowship.  

Thanksgiving at Home

Emmaus House believes celebrating the holidays together is an important factor in maintaining family ties.  Each year, Emmaus House enables over 450 families to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with a true feast.


Emmaus House offers a Sandwich through the Lokey Center every weekday.  Emmaus House offers this service as a vehicle to entice a potential client to learn about Emmaus House’s services, to increase a client’s daily productivity, & enable current client to engage with others in a social setting.  Last year, we distributed 11,735 sandwiches, each one made by an Emmaus House volunteer.

Christmas Eve Festival

Emmaus House believes Christmas is an opportunity to bring the community of Peoplestown together.  The result is an occasion where neighbors build social capital and families experience a true Christmas.  The Christmas Eve Festival offers residents entertainment, food, fun, & a visit with Santa for over 800 children & their parents.

Camp Summer Hope

Focusing on math, reading, & leadership skills, Camp Summer Hope serves 120 children & operates for six weeks at D.H. Stanton Elementary School.  The camp concludes with a four-night stay at Camp Mikell in the North Georgia Mountains.  Camp Summer Hope offers many opportunities for learning, fun, & creative expression.

Arts Education

Art improves academic performance, confidence, & creativity.  During the school year, over 45 children and volunteers participate in classes on Saturdays in woodturning, woodworking, pottery, jewelry making, crafts, and painting.  During the summer, we offer an intensive 6-week Middle School Summer Arts camp


Summers Away

Summers Away is a partnership with residential camps in New England.  This camp is an opportunity for students to enhance leadership skills & self-confidence through outdoor activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, horseback riding, & hiking.